Kotlin 1.9.0

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This page is dedicated for Kotlin 1.9.0.

Kotlin 1.9.0


K2 Compiler

K2 Compiler now available for Multiplatform projects (Basic support for Kotlin Native & kotlin.js)

Language Stability Updates

The following updates are for certain features of the Kotlin language:

  • Entries property of enum classes
  • Data objects (singleton)
  • Secondary constructors for inline classes
  • Range until operator
Standard Library Updates

The following updates are for Kotlin libraries:

  • Time API
  • Creating parent directories (Path.createParentDirectories())
  • Regex capture groups
  • HexFormat
  • @Volatile annotation
Kotlin Native & Multiplatform

There are also some updates to Kotlin Native regarding memory management and library linkages, and Kotlin Multiplatform regarding android target support.